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Adding a Blog
Blogs are a great way to inform people about your expertise in your field of business, to share your knowledge with others and to keep people up to date withe new business ventures  or products.


A blog could help you in search engine rankings, for example another site linking to your blog for the information you place there which will give you links back to your site which in turn if you have links going back to your main site allows visitors to explore more of your site.

Customer Comments

Visitors and customers can leave comments to your blog that allows you to receive feedback or questions that allow others to see later saving you time and money. Though a blog is not for all businesses.

We can add a blog to your site in two ways, firstly incorporate our system to allow you the features to add pages for a blog and archive them producing what you see here.

Secondly we can use a blog called wordpress and design it to fit with your site. This is a more powerful blog system though it can be more complicated to use.



The cost of both these blogs are as follows..

To install the built in blog system and set it up for your needs is £50

To install Wordpress to your site and style it to fit the rest of your look is £150

So if you are looking to add a blog please contact us.


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