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Peel Adverts

Having adverts on your site can be very obtrusive to your visitors especially if they pop up as someone is trying to read what you have written.
In all honesty having adverts on your site is likely to turn you visitors away, but there is a less obtrusive method that actually attracts your visitors to respond.

Peel adverts or page peels are flash generated and can be used to make your visitors click on the link, taking them to a page you have products to view or you wish to tell them something about your business. Simple but very affective.

Here is an example.

Once he or she passes their mouse over the peel page the advert opens as below.

Peel advert Open

Then the visitor can read what you have shown and decide to click on the link in the advert.

Simple and very affective.

What are the benefits

1. All we need is the text you need to advertise and the link to the page you wish visitors to see so we can make the design to fit your site.

2. The page peel creates high click rates, which will boost your online rating.

3. Increase revenue by directing visitors to the page you wish them to see or use to sell advertising space.

3. No other costs unless you wish to change something.

This is the best form of reaching more visitors without  affecting their viewing of your site.

To add  page peel, designed by us to fit your site cost £50.