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Google Local

A free listing on google local makes it very easy for local customers to find you.

When potential customers search Maps for local information, they'll find your business: your address, hours of operation and photos of your storefront or products. And of course you can link to your website! Making it a great place to draw more customers to your site.


1. People search google maps for business.
2. Local customers are already using the Internet to find products, make it easy on them to find your business first.
3. You can manage everything from one single account no matter how many listings you have
4. And as usual with Google you can update it at any time and normally it is updated in a couple of days.


How to set it up

You can set up Google Local by opening an account and setting up your listing. Have a look here http://www.google.com/local/add

Or we can do it for you

If you like to we can set up everything for you, your contact numbers, opening times, images and videos simply send us an an email and we will get right on it..

The cost to set up Google Local is

Give us a call