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DIY Websites Integrated into your website.

Diy Integration is a service we offer that allows you to use our great DIY website. Basically we take your present site and integrate our DIY site into it, allowing you the opportunity to update your site whenever you choose. In doing this we will make the integration as close to your original site as we can but sometimes there will be very minor changes but nothing noticable to your visitors and customers.

Then you will be able to make any changes
to your website from any computer any where in the world, all you have to remember is your username and password it is that easy.
You can then make fast real time changes without the need to know any computer code or web design skills, as long as you can use a mouse, upload images to your computer and have the Internet then there is no stopping you.

We use a simple text editor, much like you would see in Microsoft word that will do all the work for you.. plus we have full help topics and tutorials just in case you get stuck.

The text editor similar to the picture on the left  allows you to upload images, link to different pages and make your text a multitude of colours if you wish. You can add documents, pdf files pretty much anything and very easy to use.

If you wish to discuss DIY Website Integration please give us a call with an queries or questions you have.