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All our websites come with the cool image gallery that you can see by clicking the link on the left called Demo Album..

We do have some extras though that you might like to see in your site..

Watermarks on photographs

Due to a lot of image theft on the Internet if you wish to place your images onto your website you might like to add a watermark to you photographs.

You can see the image below that is from our demo gallery we have added our website name through the image transparently so that if someone was to copy it where ever they placed it our site link will always be noticeable...

Though 90% of the time images with watermarks will not be copied as there are many websites with images that have no watermatks or copyrights attached to theirs.

To add water marks to your site you need to contact us let us know what you would like to be written on the images and where you would like it placed.. Then leave it with us and we will make the graphic and install it onto your website.

The cost of adding watermarks to you Gallery Images is just £35.

Flash Gallery

If you would like to completely protect your images and have a great looking display then our flash gallery is for you.

Great looking and easy to use and not ridiculous expensive as some website charge.. have a look at the demo below.

This will be replaced by the player.


The cost of adding and constructing a flash Gallery to your website is only £100.

For more information on flash Galleries please click Here
or give us a call