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Favicon Design

Small things are sometime the best things. We offer unique favicon design for your web site.

What is a Favicon:

A favicon is a graphic that represents your website in some way normally it is a smaller version of your logo, the benefits of this are for ease f use to visitors to your site for example..

1 When bookmarking a site it is easy to see the site you wish to return to in your bookmarks by the favicon graphic that is saved there, instead of hunting through a long list of never ending words.

2 To-days internet user uses tabs in their browsers to see lots of sites at once for them to quickly return to your site the favicon graphic stands out in the list and makes it easy for them to return to your page.

Here is an example...

As you can see our logo in the left of the address bar... this makes it very easy to identify websites.

To add a custom favicon graphic to your site the cost is £10.


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